Our Mission

fjk3 – Contemporary Art Space is a non-profit institution in central Vienna. Its architecturally distinctive spaces are located on the Donaukanal (“Danube Canal”) at the former site of the Secessionist construction and architectural ceramics company Brüder Schwadron. These premises were converted by propeller z architects into contemporary exhibition spaces extending over more than 650 square meters on several levels. 

Founded in the fall of 2021 as an arts association, fjk3 brings together exhibition programming, artistic production, and interdisciplinary discourse. Its vision is oriented towards the heterogeneity and diversity of contemporary art and society and is open to all visual arts media and disciplines.

Focusing on three to four exhibitions per year, along with their accompanying publications, events, and educational programs, fjk3 aims to engage with a wide variety of issues, ranging from social and political developments to questions immanent to art itself. Not hierarchically structured, fjk3 aims and is able to react flexibly and quickly to current developments.

The exhibition and event program is, in part, realized in cooperation with local and international institutions in the fields of fine arts and neighboring disciplines of architecture, applied arts, music, and literature. Furthermore, we aim to reenvision the architectural character of the exhibition spaces and their potential, and to explore and come to terms with the history of the site.

Work is underway to establish a reference library. Access and use of the library, admission to our exhibitions, as well as attendance of accompanying events and guided tours are free of charge.