Über Partizipation

Thu, 16/5/2024, 7:00 PM

Architecture collective AKT in conversation with Hermann Czech

In Mannerism and Participation, Hermann Czech wrote in 1977: "What can architecture achieve? It will not solve our political, our social, or even our environmental problems, any more than music will solve our noise problems. The sense for the comedy of architects' changing attempts at interference and participation is beginning to develop". In this sense, participation does not entail the abandonment of architectural demands, but rather the communication of these demands in forms that can be understood and further developed by users.
Hermann Czech and the AKT collective, who jointly presented the Austrian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2023, discuss the various possibilities of participation in architecture.

AKT is an architecture collective based in Vienna. Together, its members search for the relationship between people and things that together form space. Architecture as action and lively communication, made tangible through production.
Members: Fabian Antosch, Gerhard Flora, Max Hebel, Adrian Judt, Julia Klaus, Lena Kohlmayr, Phillipp Krummel, Gudrun Landl, Lukas Lederer, Susanne Mariacher, Christian Mörtl, Philipp Oberthaler, Charlie Rauchs, Helene Schauer, Kathrin Schelling, Philipp Stern, Harald Trapp.
Language: German
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An event in cooperation with the ÖGFA (The Austrian Society for Architecture) on the occasion of the exhibition Hermann Czech - Approximate Line of Action.