Talk & Concert: Body, Presence, Memory – How Does It Move Me and the Other?

Fri, 9/2/2024, 7:00 PM


7 PM

Body, Presence, Memory – How Does It Move Me and the Other?
Vít Havránek (art historian, curator, Prague)
in conversation with
Matthias Seier (dramaturg, Volkstheater Wien)

In many of his works based on text, photography and film, Ján Mančuška subverted the linearity of conventional narrative structures. In his stage play and film Reverse Play, a narrator placed in the audience tells a story in linear form, while the action on stage, including the actors' movements, takes place in rewind mode
After an introduction to Reverse Play, Vít Havránek and Matthias Seier will discuss the merging of different artistic disciplines and literary genres in contemporary theater.

The talk will be held in English. 

8 PM
in memory of Ján Mančuška 

Vít Havránek, art historian, curator (Text)
Boris Ondreička, artist, curator (Body-Percussion)
Franz Pomassl, artist (Sound)

Around 2002, Ján Mančuška, Vít Havránek and Boris Ondreička developed the idea of non-spectacular art with Nonspecta, which was based on the evil eye, the effect of forgetfulness, choking in entertainment and included the most diverse forms of artistic expression. Nonspecta saw itself as a critique of the art-political landscape of that time. One of the actions will be restaged in memory of Ján Mančuška.
An event in cooperation with Kontakt Collection, Vienna, on the occasion of the exhibition Ján Mančuška. Incomplete Movement.