Renata Salecl: On Truth, Ignorance and Apathy in Today’s Times

Fri, 9/12/2022, 7:00 PM

Renata Salecl is a philosopher and sociologist. She comes from the circle of the Laibach Lacan School around Slavoj Žižek, Mladen Dolar and Alenka Zupancic. Salecl's interdisciplinary approach focuses on the connection between law, criminology, the study of political ideologies and psychoanalysis. 
In her lecture, she will explore the social and psychological mechanisms that have led to a massive change in our sense of truth against the backdrop of current crises and the associated proliferation of untruths. Salecl will also show how ignorance and apathy have so far prevented people's commitment to social change. 
Renata Salecl holds a professorship at the School of Law, Birkbeck College, University of London and is a senior researcher at the Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her book The Tyranny of Choice has been published in 15 languages. Her publication A Passion for Ignorance: What We Choose Not to Know and Why was published by Princeton University Press in 2020. Salecl has written catalog essays for numerous artists, including Francis Bacon, Sarah Sze, Anthony Gormley, Jenny Holzer, and Vadim Fishkin.

Lecture in the context of the exhibition "Vadim Fishkin. The Island of the Day Before".