Material as Metamorphosis

Fri, 21/7/2023, 7:00 PM

For years Liesl Raff has devoted herself to a sculptural practice that is closely linked to questions of materiality, processuality, space and time, and at the same time refers to action- and body-related traditions of 1960s art. Latex as a particularly versatile and tactile material is one of her preferred materials. She lays it over various support structures like a second skin.

Together with the restorer Kathrine Ruppen (mumok), the artist will guide us through her exhibition Liaison. The conversation will explore the different aggregate conditions of latex, its mutability, sensitivity, as well as the metaphorical connotations of the material. For even if latex can seemingly effortlessly cover and adapt to everything, the material remains vulnerable and requires special care.
The event is part of the exhibition "Liesl Raff – Liaison" (in German language).